Can`t restore cluster with backup (pg_basebackup)

made a backup with pg_basebackup

pg_basebackup --format=tar --verbose --write-recovery-conf --wal-method=stream 
 --gzip --compress=5 --host=$BACKUP_POSTGRES_HOST --port=$BACKUP_POSTGRES_PORT --username=$BACKUP_POSTGRES_USER \
 -D $outputfile

pg_wal has only 1 file 16MB size (screenshot 1)

I tried to restore this backup in kubernetes cluster (stolon-1.6.2 helmchart)
with this command:

stolonctl init '{ "initMode": "pitr", "pitrConfig": { "dataRestoreCommand": "tar -xzvf /tmp/backup/base.tar.gz -C %d" , "archiveRecoverySettings": { "restoreCommand": "cp /tmp/backup/pg_wal/%f %p" }, "recoveryTargetSettings": {"recoveryTarget": "immediate", "recoveryTargetAction":"promote"} } }' --cluster-name=stolon-dev --store-backend=kubernetes --kube-resource-kind=configmap

so i have these logs and then stolonctl freezes (screenshot 2)

stolonctl status says everything is okay but i can`t connect to cluster
what did i do wrong?

stolonctl status

Found out that if i delete recovery.signal file
everything is okay and restoration is done.

Why so? I even gave “recoveryTargetAction” parameter in init command