Cluster store: Etcd or Consul? What would you choose?

What cluster store would you choose between Etcd and Consul? And why?

I’m considering migrating to Stolon from 2 node master/slave hot standby clusters with WAL logging and Corosync/Pacmemaker (VIP) running on VMware. I’d still use VMware or maybe Openstack since we do not have mature Kubernetes environment yet.

But every time I start thinking about how to do this I get stuck on the Etcd or Consul decision.


@caleno Use the one you prefer based on your architecture. The only different thing (but not a consul issue) is that the stolon consul store implementation is based on docker libkv that is not maintained for a lot of time since they don’t review pull requests for bug fixes and enhancements (if someone wants should just provide a different implementation based on the official consul client)