Enquiry on backup and recovery (ubuntu vm)

hi everyone, I have completed simple set up and would like to try backup and recovery on my ubuntu vm.

After running the command, I checked by ~/Downloads/stolonbackup and saw no files there.
stolonctl update --patch ‘{ “pgParameters” : { “archive_mode”: “on”, “archive_command”: “PGDATABASE=postgres PGPASSWORD=supassword WALG_FILE_PREFIX=~/Downloads/stolonbackup wal-g wal-push ~/data/postgres0/postgres” } }’ --cluster-name=stolon-cluster --store-backend=etcdv3

~/data/postgres0/postgres => ~/data/postgres0 is the --data-dir declared when I created my keeper
~/Downloads/stolonbackup => file path I would like to store my backup files at

Am I doing something wrong? I can’t figure it out as there’s no error msgs after running this command.

@debbielee1996 your command looks wrong since you should specify at least the %p flag so it can know which archive file to push and not the postgres data dir (please read PostgreSQL: Documentation: 10: 25.3. Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) and the stolon wal-g example stolon/pitr_wal-g.md at master · sorintlab/stolon · GitHub).

Hi, thanks for the reply. I used the exact command in the wal-g docs with the %p, but after running the stolonctl update patch command nothing seems to work apart from an update in the stolonctl spec e.g. I did not see any backup files created in my WALG_FILE_PREFIX directory

Do you have a working example of how I should run the stolonctl update patch and stolonctl init commands? I have been working on this with different params for many days but to no avail… please help

My scenario is that I would like to backup the files to my ~/data directory and restore from there in a simple node set up