HealthChecks and Service UID Identification

I am setting up an environment based on stolon v0.16.0 binaries which are deployed on alpine base docker images. (Running a setup locally with docker compose and in the cloud on a DC/OS cluster). => no issues on that.

I seem to miss some health check scripts in the Stolon project, if this is my mistake can someone help me and point me out to those service health check scripts.

If there are no health scripts available, also not a problem since there are tools available that can help me on that (stolonctl in combination with status | clusterdata information). Although it is hard for the stolon-sentinal and stolon-proxy service.

sentinal and proxy use random UID’s and it seems not possible to check if the docker image running the service has generated the random uid (maybe via logs, did not checked that and don’t find it a proper solution).

So any idea on how to check the health of the sentinal / proxy services?

Thanks for your feedback.