How to check if the database ready to connect

We deployment stolon on k8s, use the following script to check if the database ready
until psql -U xx -h xx -d xx -p xx -c ‘\q’; do
sleep 5

but after the script pass when we run some other psql command,it may failed.
we though it because not all the proxy are ready when the until script passed
Have a good solution about it?

@snailxr It could be the case that one of the proxies is not yet ready (they’ll converge in proxyCheckInterval). In your case you should just double check at 2*proxyCheckInterval interval.

Anyway every client should retry if something fail for whatever reason.

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We add readinessProbe to proxy deployment ,so that don’t need to double check at 2*proxyCheckInterval interval.Because the k8s service will not redirect to not ready pods

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Yeah, a readiness probe of a k8s service or using any other load balancer providing a readiness probe (like keepalived) is a great idea.