More than one clusters any ideas to manage inactive replication slots after failover

Hello, I have a question for replication slots;

We have 2 clusters with physical replication slot created for 2nd cluster replication.

1- On cluster 1;

Creating physical slot manually : select pg_create_physical_replication_slot(‘slot_test’);

2- On cluster2

stolonctl-instance-staging update -p ‘{ “standbyConfig”: { “standbySettings”:
{ “primaryConnInfo”: “ user=replication port=6666 sslmode=require”, “primarySlotName”: “slot_test” }}}’

After these two steps, two clusters are connected to each other via replication slot. The issue here is after failover inactive replication slot is left on cluster 1 ,so replication connection is broken between cluster 1 and cluster 2.

Do you have any ideas how we can manage inactive replication slot situation in here?