Proxy stop listening after timeout

Currently we are running 3 stolon clusters in kubernetes( each cluster have 2 keepers, 2 proxy and 2 sentinels) .when we run perf testing , it will print some errors like below. is this because of api server response slow? we even tried to increase the timeout to 30s ,but it still have error . is there any way to fix these errors?

2021-03-15T19:13:37.293-0700	INFO	cmd/proxy.go:268	master address	{"address": ""}
2021-03-15T19:13:37.355-0700	INFO	cmd/proxy.go:286	proxying to master address	{"address": ""}
2021-03-15T19:13:52.403-0700	INFO	cmd/proxy.go:304	check timeout timer fired
2021-03-15T19:13:52.403-0700	INFO	cmd/proxy.go:158	Stopping listening
2021-03-15T19:13:52.515-0700	INFO	cmd/proxy.go:124	Starting proxying

2021-03-15T19:13:58.752-0700 INFO cmd/proxy.go:346 check function error {"error": "cannot get cluster data: failed to get latest version of configmap: Get \"\": net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"}

and our application will have a lot of error releated to the databases.

ARJUNA016039: onePhaseCommit on < formatId=131077, gtrid_length=29, bqual_length=36, tx_uid=0:ffff0aea045e:1f9bc745:604d6492:4e9dd45, node_name=1, branch_uid=0:ffff0aea045e:1f9bc745:604d6492:4e9dd4a, subordinatenodename=null, eis_name=java:/neptune/datasource > (LocalXAResourceImpl@462b648a[connectionListener=7166eb1 connectionManager=4c28a5f warned=false currentXid=null productName=PostgreSQL productVersion=12.3 (Debian 12.3-1.pgdg100+1) jndiName=java:/neptune/datasource]) failed with exception XAException.XA_RBROLLBACK: org.jboss.jca.core.spi.transaction.local.LocalXAException: IJ001156: Could not commit local transaction
Caused by:
at org.postgresql.core.PGStream.receiveChar(
at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.processResults(
at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.execute(
… 81 more