Proxy switching after docker upgrade

Hi. Today upgraded docker in docker swarm cluster from 19.03.13 to 20.10.5. After upgrade proxy logs flapping:
2021-03-11T08:57:53.455Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:268 master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:57:53.499Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:286 proxying to master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:57:58.525Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:268 master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:57:58.580Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:286 proxying to master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:58:03.586Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:268 master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:58:04.052Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:286 proxying to master address {“address”: “”} 2021-03-11T08:58:09.059Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:268 master address {“address”: “”}
2021-03-11T08:58:09.074Z INFO cmd/proxy.go:286 proxying to master address {“address”: “”}

Both ip are the same keeper but one ip is a container ip and second ip is a service ip. When connecting to any of these ips I get into the right keeper but proxy is flapping and drops client connections in 15-20 seconds.
Is any way to fix it ? Going to rollback docker version tomorrow since have no other ides. Please help.

For Your Information:

Rollback to docker 19.03.15 resolved this issue. Now proxy wants to use keeper service ip address only (logs show ip address of corresponding docker swarm service and not the keeper’s container ip address).

Something was changed in docker 20.10.5 about networking.

@warmanton Have you, or anyone else, found a way to prevent this using Docker 20?

No, we just rolled back to the last 19.x.x version of docker.

Same here… With 19.x.x works just fine. I took me THREE days until I found your POST. This should be somewhere visible so that everyone could see…