Restoration with the pgbackrest

Hello dear community,
Kindly asking for your assistance. I’m using pgbackrest to do the backup of stolon-managed postgresql (v.12). Backup looks like a complete copy of entire PGDATA folder.

OS: centos 7
stolon components (keeper, proxy, sentinel) - v0.16.0
PostgreSQL: 12

Kindly asking for your advices in the following topics:

  1. I’m not able to shut down complete cluster. At the current master still presents and backup tool can’t perform restoration in a normal way (like it happens with a standalone PostgreSQL instance);
  2. If I move or delete and perform restoration - I’m not able to start the cluster. After start of stolon-keeper I received the following errors in the journal:
our db boot UID is different than the cluster data one, waiting for it to be updated
cannot get configured pg parameters        {"error": "dial unix /tmp/.s.PGSQL.25432: connect: no such file or directory"}

It looks like when cluster data is restored: it crushes the data…

What is the correct way to restore the cluster data? I will gladly provive all needed configs (sorry, don’t know what can be useful in initial post).