Stolon Not Generating pg_hba.conf

Hello Everyone,

I noticed some behavior in Stolon that I wanted to get some advice, help on. I currently have 3 data nodes deployed with Stolon configured. To reproduce a bug, I turn off docker immediately, without having the databases close properly. On the next startup seems like the previously defined master comes up with no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "xxx", database "xxx", SSL off. Which is weird because the /etc/stolon/postgres.conf has different values in the file.
The pg_hba.conf file has these vlues

root@91d0ef50b86f:/# cat /user/data/var/lib/postgresql/data/cluster/postgres/pg_hba.conf
local postgres postgres md5
local replication replicator md5
host all postgres md5
host all postgres ::0/0 md5
host replication replicator md5
host replication replicator ::0/0 md5

Any help would be appreciated.

@farhan.sajid8080 An issue was also opened add keeper flag to generate pgHBA config on restarts · Issue #792 · sorintlab/stolon · GitHub. Let’s continue there.