Two nodes HA cluster

Hi everyone
Can someone help me to understand how two nodes cluster work internally?
For example, I have 2 nodes cluster. All works fine
Then one node die.
What will happen after that?
Will cluster be available?

@abogdanov37 The purpose of stolon is postgres high availability. So if you have two nodes and the primary dies, the other node will be elected as primary. Please take a look at the examples and the docs in the stolon github repo: GitHub - sorintlab/stolon: PostgreSQL cloud native High Availability and more.

Thank you for reply.
If I understand right only etcd should have 3 or 5 or more nodes?
Another components like stolon-keeper, stolon-sentinel, stolon-proxy do not take part in leader election?

@abogdanov37 Yes, etcd or consul requires a quorum so at least 3 nodes and should leave outside the stolon nodes (or at least don’t share the same I/O paths). For some deployment examples see:

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Thank you for fast and meaningful reply. I should make sure that I understand the stolon correctly.

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